Photography is Our Expert!

Reza Razdasht

Reza is the photographer and founder of Great Pro Photography.

With years of photography experience, he has been fortunate enough to fulfill his passion for capturing reality and beauty into a successful career.

With his versatile and unique portfolio, Reza has worked in personal and commercial settings including weddings, local businesses and Vancouver’s beautiful scenery.

Reza’s goal is to work in as many different stimulating environments as possible while raising the bar of photography in Vancouver above all.

Reza is interested in keeping his creative team productive and maintaining a personal atmosphere for his clients.

Ghazal Ghazi

Ghazal is a Vancouver-based graphic designer; she is trained internationally and locally with degrees in Corporate and Graphic Design.

Ghazal specializes in print design, logo design and photo manipulation.

Ghazal’s current projects focus on serving clients in the business sector; she is the acting designer and consultant to new and existing clients.

Along with her team, Ghazal looks forward to expanding her clientele with her personalized services and her pre-existing graphic design achievements.